Radka Havlová, Ph.D.


Letenská 120/5, 118 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Dr. Radka Havlová focuses on Asia in international relations, in particular conflicts, developing countries, Asia, Middle East and Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Dr. Havlová graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Charles University (political science, international relations), and from the University of Economics Prague (international relations and diplomacy, psychology). She worked as a lecturer and research assistant at the University of Economics Prague (2003-2019) and CEVRO Institute (2019-2022).

Currently she researches the impact of the Arab Spring on the political, economic and social development in the MENA region as well as the relations between the MENA countries and China within the Belt and Road Initiative. Her recent publications include edited volume „Untangling the Mayhem: Crises and Prospects of the Middle East“ (Peter Lang 2018) and a co-authored book chapter on states-to-be as foreign policy actors in Charountaki-Irrera: Mapping Non-State Actors in International Relations (Springer 2022). She gave lectures at several universities in Europe within the Erasmus+ program (Slovakia, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Sweden) and participated in a research stay in China. 

Area of focus:                  

  • Conflicts in international relations, ethnic conflicts, conflict resolution
  • Developing countries in international relations
  • International development
  • Middle East in IR
  • Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • Arab Spring
  • Asia in IR
  • Ethnic conflicts, conflict resolution
  • China in IR, China and Middle East
  • Belt and Road Initiative and Middle East

Selected Publications:

Books and book chapters:

  • HAVLOVÁ, R. – CHAROUNTAKI, M. States-to-be as Foreign Policy Actors, In: Charountaki, M. – Irrera, D. (ed.): Mapping Non-State Actors in International Relations, Springer, 2022, ISBN 978-3-030-91462-2
  • HAVLOVÁ, R. Palestine. In: Havlová, R. (ed.): Untangling the Mayhem: Crises and Prospects of the Middle East, Peter Lang, 2018, ISBN 978-3-631-74092-7,   (publication won the 2018 University of Economics Rector Prize for the best publication)
  • HAVLOVÁ, R.: Židovská kultura (Jewish culture), In: Lehmannová, Z.: Paradigma kultur, Aleš Čeněk 2010, (in Czech)
  • HAVLOVÁ, R.: Židovská kultura ve Státě Izrael a izraelsko-palestinský konflikt (Jewish culture in the State of Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict), In: Lehmannová, Z.: Paradigma kultur, Aleš Čeněk, 2010 (in Czech)
  • HAVLOVÁ, R.: The “Velvet Divorce” of Czechoslovakia as a Solution to a Conflict of Nationalism, In: Guelke A. (ed.): Democracy and Ethnic Conflict. Advancing Peace in Deeply Divided Societies, Palgrave, 2004

Selected Articles in English (published from 2015):

  • HAVLOVÁ, R. – PAVLÍK, P. (2021) “In search of the ‘second-best solution’ to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict”, Israel Affairs, ,
  • GARLICK, J.A. – HAVLOVÁ, R. (2020) “The dragon dithers: assessing the cautious implementation of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Iran”, Eurasian Geography and Economics, ISSN 15387216,
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  • GARLICK, J.A. – HAVLOVÁ, R. (2020) “China’s “Belt and Road” Economic Diplomacy in the Persian Gulf: Strategic Hedging amidst Saudi–Iranian Regional Rivalry”, Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, 30 January 2020, Vol. 49, ISSN 1868-1026, e-SSN 1868-4874 ,  
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